Wrapping Cloth ---“Furoshiki”---

In old times, Japanese people commonly used wrapping cloths to carry goods, until bags were introduced and then prevailed by opening country to foreign trade after “Tokugawa shogunate.”

The wrapping cloth (called “furoshiki” in Japanese) is just a square-shaped cloth. However, we can use it to wrap various-sized & various-shaped things, making a handle for carrying. One single “furoshiki” can be transformed into several shapes fitting the goods to be put in, by being tied in different ways,

Above all, the appearance of the furoshiki wrapping is cute. Besides, it is convenient you can always carry folded one with you in a bag, in case of necessity.

Furthermore, it is fun to use furoshiki of which pattern & color match actually ongoing season; for example, Christmas motif & color in winter, a pattern of tulips in spring, etc… It is one way to enjoy a flavor of each season in life. You may think it is cool.

Why don’t you have one and start furoshiki enjoying life?